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Services & Service Areas

Services & Service Areas

Getting service may seem easy but there is a whole lot that goes into finding a reliable as well as competent technician to attend to your needs at a time that will best suit you. If you are a business owner who is looking to have new locks installed or perhaps renovating an out-of-date security system, then you have to consider whether your business can be disrupted during working hours to have these types of jobs done. With Austin Locksmith, the technicians are available 24/7 so you will be able to schedule work on your business for a time when you are not open to customers. Innovation and technology has grown so much that there are options available today that range from staff management to security and merchandize protection and CCTV for maintaining control of the work environment from a central position.


In addition because of continued upgrading of locks, keys and security systems, the technicians at Austin Locksmith continually upgrade their knowledge base to ensure that they are fully conversant with all new systems that come on to the market. Many of the criminal elements have vast knowledge of many of the locks and security systems that are used, they take time to know how they work so that they are able to break into your premises, therefore, its incumbent on all locksmith to ensure they are 10 steps ahead of the criminal fraternity.

Options for better security…

  • 24/7 Locksmith Getting service when you need it

    24/7 Locksmith
    Getting service when you need it

    Biometric security access control

  • CCTV monitoring and Personnel Access
  • Alarm systems and secure high tech locking devices
  • Desk locks, cabinet locks and high security storage units
  • Computerized merchandize protection
  • Smoke detectors and emergency panic bars
  • Safe and vault installations
  • Time delayed locks for cash drop boxes
  • Consultants for on-site assessments
  • Intercom systems and card access systems
  • Re-coding of safe combinations.

Austin Locksmith 24, TX is the solution…

Austin Locksmith has technicians that are more than adept at all of these applications, and if you are in need of an evaluation of your business security then they are the company to call. True professionalism is hard to find, and dedication to customer service is just as important when it comes to running a successful business in the service sector. Being qualified is all important and all of the technicians at Austin Locksmith are Bonded, Licensed, Insured and Accredited, and their credentials are available for all to see, which gives them the mark of excellence.
For residential, business and automotive locks, keys and security there is a one-stop solution that is not only mobile and available, qualified, known and has been used by Austinites for many years Austin Locksmith. Their doors are never closed when you need them and they are just a call away so give them a call and leave the job in the hands of a company that is reliable, honest, affordable and cost effective, as well as guaranteeing all of their workmanship and giving free assessments and fully explained quotations with no obligation to purchase. Austin Locksmith is the company that cares 24/7 every single day of the year. If you are in need of a professional locksmith throughout Austin in the zip code areas 78701-78705, 78708-78739, 78741-78742, 78744-78769, call them anytime!