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Your home is your Castle

Residential security is often an area that goes unchanged for years, and it is only when you have an unhappy event like a break-in or burglary that your thought turns to the security parameters of your home. There is nothing more disturbing mentally or physically than finding out that your home has been invaded by unwanted guests and you have lost treasures that you hold dear, not to mention the danger to family as well as beloved pets too. It is time for you to give a bit of attention to the security of all that you have worked so hard to build, and Locksmith Austin in Texas know just how disruptive and vulnerable a person can feel when their personal space has been violated and left in chaos.

Did you know…?

The beautiful area called Austin where you live and work has some amazing activities for families to take part in, as there is a Green Belt that runs through your city, offering recreational Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hiking, Exploring and Picnic areas to relax in the open air and have fun with the family. The climate is temperate and warm so it is great to get out into the outdoors or take in a game at a Stadium in support of your local teams. Austin Locksmith Tx want you to feel safe about leaving your home, so they offer a service that allows you to have your security assessed and upgraded and a free quotation given and fully explained. Even if an upgrade has to be done in stages to meet your budget, this can be done, and you should consider it as important to be done, because your family’s safety is important to Austin Locksmith. Each of the technicians is part of a family and they want you to be secure as they themselves are. It really is time to take a look at your locks, outbuildings, garages, security gates and patio doors just to make sure they are in tip top shape and have no wear and tear that could leave you unsafe, and even your indoor safe for those valuables you don’t want to lose.

Residential Security from Austin Locksmith includes

  • Repairs and maintenance on old and worn lock mechanisms
  • Slam lock security gates for patio and recreational areas
  • Automated gates and garage doors for added security
  • Smoke detectors for added safety
  • Intercom systems and remote control access for family members
  • Re-keying of locks in a new home
  • Upgrading security on outbuildings and entrances
  • Security gates and peepholes in main entrances
  • Panic buttons and bars for aged family members.

These are just a sample of what can be done to make your home beautifully secure and safe at all hours. A consultation and evaluation with quotation is free with no obligation to purchase and all work is performed by professional lock specialists with your best interests at heart.

Once you have made changes to the security of your home, you may even find that they pay for themselves with lowered household insurance premiums, which is a double bonus, right? Family, pets and prized possessions cannot be replaced so give Austin Locksmith, Texas a call and let them assess and advise you as to how to make doubly sure that whilst you are away from home, everything is secure and safe. If you are in Austin and fall under the zip codes 78708 through to 78739, amongst others, give Austin Locksmith a call and set your mind at ease with residential safety.